A Traditional New Zealand Hillcountry Farm Tour

‘Come as a stranger and leave as a friend.’

Don’t be misled that you are about to embark on merely a simple farm tour.


A visit to this 5th, 6th and now 7th generation family, descendants of the earliest French settlers on Banks Peninsula, is thought provoking and entertaining whilst it educates you on how farming has developed from 1837 to the present day.

We were delighted with this tour! Murray the proprietor of the farm, spins the story of his family’s arduous dedication to the land from the 1800’s providing guests with a peek into the past of this region. The family is devoted to superior animal husbandry and care. Murray’s daughter-in-law Hannah demonstrates the process of her 48 seconds shear and then also the prowess of her 11 herding dogs which was a jaw dropping experience for our audience of around 14. At closing his wife serves a tea with scones on their patio.
This excursion is representative of value.
And learning. Its an all time best for us!

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