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From the moment you glimpse the charming and authentically French and Victorian village of Akaroa, whose character remains in its quaint wooden houses and lovely gardens, until you encounter the panoramic breath taking views intrinsic to the rugged hidden eastern coastline, you will recognize that you are undergoing a never to be forgotten experience.

"This family owned farm is like heaven on earth! The farm itself is just gorgeous, and the family is so welcoming, opening their lives and home to people from all over the world. Their love of the land, and of the lifestyle that has been in their family for generations, is a wonder to behold."

Akaroa Farm Tours Bay View
Akaroa Harbour
Akaroa Farm Tours

Murray Johns, who farms Paua Bay with his wife Sue, son Will and daughter-in-law Hanna, is a raconteur who will hold you enthralled as he recounts the history of the farming and social lives of his forbears. You will learn how today farmers in this challenging part of the world must diversify and develop to survive. Yet this will be no talk show………


………You will witness first hand, how to shear a sheep and learn of the daily struggles of those whose occupation it involves.

You won’t need to be told of the legendary intelligence and worth of sheepdogs on this terrain. The sheepdogs at work are no performing show animals. The relationship  in  understanding  the needs of farmer and flock as they muster the mob and discipline the stragglers, will leave you in awe.

Akaroa Farm Tours Working Dog

At the homestead, set amidst a beautiful cottage garden surrounded by native bush, you’ll enjoy Sue’s warm hospitality while devouring her delicious scones smothered with jam and cream as you gaze at the coastline and wonder how you will ever leave this idyll to return to Akaroa and beyond.

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